“We did no work today”

After second nutrition break today, one of my students made a comment that made me reflect.

“We did no work today”

I was a little surprised because we had, in fact, done work.  My gut response to this comment was that I need to make things harder, more challenging and push my student’s further.   However, when chatting with my CYW’s, I realized that the work is not the issue but the students’ learned understanding of “school work” is that of a traditional classroom and assignments: worksheets, novels, textbooks, etc.

Really, learning using technology and progressive methods really does take some getting used to.

Honestly, the best part of the day for me was playing “Word Search Puzzle” (a Chrome App) on the SMART board with my students as they arrived this morning.  All 7 of us were at the board, finding the words together, hoping to beat our previous time.  They were focussed, they were reading, they were interacting with each other positively.

That is learning.


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