“We did no work today”

After second nutrition break today, one of my students made a comment that made me reflect.

“We did no work today”

I was a little surprised because we had, in fact, done work.  My gut response to this comment was that I need to make things harder, more challenging and push my student’s further.   However, when chatting with my CYW’s, I realized that the work is not the issue but the students’ learned understanding of “school work” is that of a traditional classroom and assignments: worksheets, novels, textbooks, etc.

Really, learning using technology and progressive methods really does take some getting used to.

Honestly, the best part of the day for me was playing “Word Search Puzzle” (a Chrome App) on the SMART board with my students as they arrived this morning.  All 7 of us were at the board, finding the words together, hoping to beat our previous time.  They were focussed, they were reading, they were interacting with each other positively.

That is learning.


That was a lot of work!

I started my Masters of Education this month at Wilfrid Laurier University.  As you can tell based on my limited blog postings, I have been working my butt off.  I loved every moment of it!

One of the many highlights was my critical pedagogy class and the reflection on my personal practical knowledge that took place.  It was amazing to read and engage in discussion with my peers about theorists and how their beliefs are mapped on to our own professional practice.

I thought that I would summarize my learnings in one short post:

  • no curriculum is politically neutral
  • bring student experience into the classroom is vital for true learning (Dewey) – This cemented the use of modern technology and social media in our classrooms
  • bell hooks rules – read Teaching to Transgress, it is amazing
  • my classroom metaphor: a circus  (*more on this later – it is a good thing!)
  • reading research studies and journal articles after a statistics course makes you very critical of said articles
As I continue on my M.Ed. travels, I will continue posting my learning and reflect on my practice on this blog.

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