Fruit Ninja and Data Management

We started data management this week and there is no better way to learn about mean, mean, mode and probability than by slicing up some fruits.

Each day for the next week, my boys are taking five turns on Fruit Ninja in arcade mode.  We are using XBox Kinect as it is more physical than the iPad version.  It’s hilarious watching them swipe their arms around in manic ways.

Now, to the academics.  My students are (will be)

  • recording their scores and calculating the mean, median and mode for the day
  • recording their scores on a master lists and creating a class average
  • showing their results on a line graph
  • making predictions about scores of other students and staff based on our results
  • calculating the probability of certain events occuring throughout the game
  • calculating the  probability of reaching a certain score

I’ll post some of the work as we go!


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