Reflections on CATC Camp 2011

I could write in paragraphs for this post… but that ain’t happening.   Here are some words that came to mind when thinking about CATC Camp 2011.

  • patience…. I have none!  After listening to @dougpete I became very frustrated that I can’t have everything I want right now.  Money is always the issue and wish that I had an unlimited budget to work with.
  • humbled…  I am always amazed when I get the chance to work with educators that have taken one technology and learned everything about it.  Kim Gill and Cheryl Kewley, both teachers at Ryerson Public School in Cambridge, ON., are two examples of these types of experts.  Cheryl’s knowledge of SMART boards and SMART Notebook is amazing.  She rarely stumbled when the SMART board was acting up and was quick to answer questions of the participants.  Most of all, her practical examples of primary level SMART Notebook files was excellent.  Kim has many areas of expertise but demo’d the Livescribe Pen at camp this year.  I helped her out a bit but was mostly listening to her examples of how students can use the pen in the classroom.  I’m can’t wait to steal her ideas.
  • excited… to see the number of people who were excited to try new things with technology.  It is sometimes frustrating at the school level to not always see this happened.  Being around people who have a trying to incorporate technology in their classroom is amazing.
  • connected… it is great to hang-out with like-minded people, especially those that may not be classroom teachers.  I spent a lot of time with the IT technical staff and loved every minute of it.  In addition, I had the chance to connect with educators from throughout WRDSB, both in-person and as new followers on Twitter.
  • inspired… as a facilitator, I didn’t have much time to work on my own projects.  That being said, watching others allowed me to develop some new lesson ideas in my head.  In addition, I was excited to play with the eBeam interactive whiteboard that @markwcarbone  and @dougpete were playing with.  Although it has a long way to go, it is the ultimate geekerey to play with new toys.

One thought on “Reflections on CATC Camp 2011

  1. It was equally as exciting for me to work with you at the camp, Jeff. You’ve got to admit, we did a great job going from 0-60 (100?) in the short time that we had to work with the new technology. I’m sure that it was the same thrill that many campers had as a result of the experience. It was great to be asked back.

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