They’re Coming

I just got notification that my class’ new computers are arriving this week. They are Lenova desktop computers. This is a change for my clasroom as we have had primarily Mac in the past.

First, I am bias. I have been a Mac addict for many years and this delivery kind of makes me sad. Based in the information that came from our Spec. Ed. Department I understand why they went PC but am frustrated about losing Garage Band, iMovie and many others. My students have used both Mac and PC but seem to be faster in the better… I mean Mac side of things.

In the grand debate of Mac vs. PC, will there ever be a winner? Our elementary schools have got dual-boots that seem to be a great compromise but this was not the route that our congregated programs have been forced to go. I think the main reason is cost.

What are your thoughts? Should I suck it up and move on?


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