The Proposal: not the movie but an actual proposal

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a proposal to a small group of people at the WRDSB board office.  This short presentation was the result of numerous conversation with our Special Education consultant responsible for Behaviour Programs within the WRDSB and proposed expanding the scope of our program to include 6 virtual students.  The last couple of years have been extremely successful in our classroom since we began imbedding technology into a number of assignments and our student learning has increase significantly since offering these options.

A brief rundown of the features can be found in the attached Prezi and Google Doc, but here is summary:

  • continue to offer 8 spots for students with a anxiety diagnosis on a 3:8 ratios of staff to students
  • virtual classroom would be a short term, approximately 2 month placement for students in some sort of “crisis” (attendance, behaviour or health concerns)
  • daily check-ins for academics and a 1 hour visit per week by current program staff
  • integration process back to their home school.

So what do you think?  Is this something that you would consider for one of your students who is struggling?  Would it work for our most at-risk students or do you think that they would continue struggling in this alternative setting?

Your feedback is always appreciated as we are continually looking to improve on the beginning stages of this project.  It’s a work in progress.




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