“That WAS cool” – Student

I’m always looking to bring more techno stuff into our classroom as it really motivates and engages our students.

I had yet to do a web chat with another class and it seemed like a perfect time when studying Human Migration.  On Thursday, we had the chance to “interview” students from Royan Lee’s class in Richmond Hill.  The kids loved it.

There are a few glitches I need to work out before we can do it again.  Royan was able to use a Adobe Connect room from his school board as I have not been able to get access to this amazing tool yet.  In addition, Skype is too glitchy on our school’s network.  Hopefully I can get some help!  Anyone?  Anyone?



2 thoughts on ““That WAS cool” – Student

  1. I think if you are doing this type of activity you could ask for an Adobe Connect login. Sounds like you are doing some neat activities in your classroom.

  2. Nice work! I’ve tried Skype on our network and it didn’t work. Got to get to an Adobe Connect training session in order to be allowed to use the tool. I’ve heard good things about it though.
    Good luck going forward! Let us know how it develops.

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