The Pole By my Desk

The electrical
inspector dropped by my classroom before the break. It didn’t go
well. I thought about this when reading this article about
upgrading from hardwire to wireless – “Wired vs. Wireless.” I had developed
a make shift computer lab in my class with a few computers however
ran into a small problem with electrical outlets. I only have three
and the fuse pops constantly. Good times! Three power outlets
for…. wait for it…. 9 computers, printers, scanner, a projector
and accessories, bar fridge, water cooler and tea pot. Now that I
write this down I realize how ridiculous it is. In one spot under
my desk, I had…

  • an extension chord plugged
    into an outlet.
  • a power bar hooked into that
    extension chord (we’ll call her “The Mother Ship”)
  • a power bar hooked into “The Mother Ship”
  • an extension chord plugged into “The Mother
  • Don’t forget the multiple computers and
    other electronic devices

Needless to say,
the custodial supervisor came by with my principal and gave me
heck. That being said, my innovation and initiative at using the
tools at my disposal to improve student success won me a power pole
next to my desk. Two brand new outlets! My network drop has been
run properly to my computer! Holy smokes. I now have extra power
bars. I never have extra power bars. What will I do with these?
Suggestions? j.


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