Firstclass Tip 1: Workspaces

I have been assigned to present a workshop on how to use Firstclass, our board’s email system, in the classroom. One of the main reasons to provide students with email is to allow them to sign-up for Web 2.0 tools and have access to an email address that is not effected by the board’s filtering system.

Firstclass has many extra features that many people don’t really know about yet in our board.  For those of you in the WRDSB, you may find this useful now or as a preview of what is to come for our workshop.

The most useful tool that many people don’t know about is Workspaces.

In a Workspace, you can add Firstclass applications such as a Calendar, File Storage, Documents and a Discussion Conference.  I am going to be using this with my students in the coming months as a way to have an open discussion in a moderated, virtual world.

To create a Workspace, click the icon on your desktop (seen above).  It will bring up a window where you will see nothing but a menu bar, unless you have used Wordspaces before.  Once you have clicked this, select “New Workspace.”

Choose the type of Workspace that you would like.  Each one has different pre-load applications, saving you the time of creating them after.  I have used the Standard Workspaces as it has all five application included.

Finally, you will have created your Workspace.  To add Workspace member, click “Workspace Members”.  This will allow you to quickly and easy access anyone on your Firstclass system directory.  Once everything is ready, you will be able to set up permissions and other security rules.  This will be covered in our February training.

To add members to your workspace (this will have the workspace appear on their Waterworks), select “Workspace Members” from the toolbar and enter the names of your students.

To allow your students to post in the Discussion Conference, right click on your conference and choose “Permissions”.

Enter the student’s name and give them access as a “collaborator”.  The permissions to the right tell you what they are allowed to do.  Make sure you include yourself in this list as a “controller”.




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