Week One down…. now what?

So I have been blogging officially for just over one week.  Now what?

Is it really this hard to come up with ideas for blog posts?  My first few posts seemed to write themselves but the last few days has proven to not be so easy.  I’m having writers block and it is making me feel really guilty.  The last time I experienced this was when I initially signed up for Twitter and didn’t really tweet too much during the summer.  I felt an obligation to the few followers that I had until I realized that they didn’t really care too much.  Am I weird to think this way or do I need to up my meds?

I really want this to work and be meaningful for both those who read and as a reflection tool for myself.  I will continue to try my best.

Coincidently, I came to work and found these two documents in a Twitter post.

Viral_Copy – I wasn’t a huge fan of this document.  I liked that first few pages as the suggestions seemed “do-able” for my blogging experience.   The four techniques to become “linkbait” seem a little hard to live up to.

BlogBash – this document was amazing.  Very good ideas that are extremely manageable for the new blogger such as myself.

Let’s hope that some new thoughts come to me over the next little while.



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