Jaycut – Web 2.0 Video Editor

A few weeks back, a colleague asked for an easy alternative to iMovie for a poetry assignment she was doing with her class.  She was extremely interested in having the students create a “music video” for the poetry that they had written.

After some research, Jaycut was the option that I felt would be best for her needs.


  • The website is extremely easy and user friendly.
  • Uploading videos, sounds and pictures is very easy and having the media remain on your account for access on another machine was a huge plus.
  • In our board, media assignments are done on the Macintosh side of our “Dual Boot” computers and these computers are standalone.  Therefore, students needs to always work on this computer to do their work.  Jaycut allows for students to access their videos anywhere – including home
  • The visual editor is drag and drop.
  • Cropping and moving video is done with the slider.
  • Very limited features – less things for students to “fiddle” with
  • When complete, students are able to publish online, save to their computer or share the link with their friends


  • Only one audio track – I suggested students use another online sound editor or use Garage Band if they wanted to have a voice over and music
  • As it is online, there is an occasional lag.  This did not happen often considering that all 32 students where uploading and editing simultaneously in one computer lab
  • Transitions are not too nice; with the exception of the dissolve transition which works well
  • Limited Text options – more of these would be useful for educational purposes.

Overall, I really liked the website.  The teacher that was using this in her classroom is not a techno geek like me.  As a self professed novice, she had a keen desire to include technology in her lesson and Jaycut satisfied this need without pushing her out of her comfort zone.  Over the last three weeks, I have only received 2-3 calls asking for help.

Most importantly, the final products have been amazing!  The students have loved using the editor and their poems look great.  I will post some once they have presented them.

Does anyone have other options for online video editing?  Jaycut seemed the best to me but my research was extremely quick.


3 thoughts on “Jaycut – Web 2.0 Video Editor

  1. Thanks for this review. I’ve have students in groups trying to make youtube videos in a “Mythbuster” class and for the moment I’ve had them all slaved to the same computer (iMovie). I like this idea though I’m thankful to you for the heads up about the single audio track.

    • Thanks for the comment, Andy.
      What are you doing with Mythbusters? We are doing something similar in class – using Mythbusters as a launch board for debunking “Old Wives Tales”. At this point, we are probably going to do a photo journal of the results but would be interested in learning more about the video assignment that you have worked on. Also, what type of mythbusting is your group doing?

      • The class has broken into groups of 3 or 4 and each group gets a few weeks to produce a youtube video busting a myth. So far we’ve done the interleaved yellow pages myth (can you pull them apart – no!), how slippery is a banana peel, what happens when you put a barbie in liquid nitrogen and drop her off the room, can you break a wine glass with sound, and can you escape from being buried neck-deep in sand. Now the whole class is working on how to lift someone with helium balloons.

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