Zombie Restaurants

Zombie Restaurants?  Oh yes, that is what I said.

After the ECOO conference a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely inspired to have my boy students write more.  This has always been one of the biggest challenges.  The boys are extremely hard to motivate when it comes to writing and their “learned hopelessness” definitely causes thick brick walls to be put up when attempting these types of tasks.

At ECOO, Kent Manning (who writes the Motivating Boy Writers blog) spoke in great length about the strategies he has found successful when working with these students.  One point that particularly hit home is that we need not be afraid of letting the “boys be boys” in their writing.  Today, I really let me boys loose in their writing.

We have been working on descriptive writing over the last several weeks.  After spending time talking about figurative language, vivid adjectives and stretching sentences, they were assigned to create a menu for a restaurant of their choice.  Tying in with media literacy, we asked to students to choose a target audience for their restaurant and gave examples such as teens, seniors and zombies.

Needless to say, many of the students decided that zombies would be their audience of choice.  So far, the descriptive writing has been amazing.  I will post the “horrific” results once their are complete for you to see the amazing work they have done.

To keep with the theme of my blog, here are a couple of websites related to writing and boy writers that I have used in my classroom.  Some you may know, some you may not.

Write Source Student Models – website that accompanies the textbooks.  Has writing samples for all age groups.

WritingFix – writing website with amazing resources and information.

Bitstripsforschools – easy online comic generator

http://www.readwritethink.org/ – too many writing lessons to count

Writing Fun – numerous text organizers that help explain a variety of writing forms for students

Wordle – word cloud generator



3 thoughts on “Zombie Restaurants

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Just happened upon your post as I was doing a search for blog posts.

    It is great when a particular point in a presentation resonates afterwards. Thanks for sharing how you were inspired to have your boys write more. It really is remarkable, eh? The way boys can start to believe in themselves and go for it I mean. Not a week goes by where I’m not in awe of boys and how they “finally realize” that they are writers. So anyway, thanks again for blogging about your boy writers.

    Great topic by the way: Zombie Restaurants. And I’ve always liked this Rockwell painting. Fits perfectly with your ideas here. The look on his face! Perfect.

    Take care.


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