Quick Finds = Great Success

Why is it that when you plan and plan for a lesson things never really seem to go well?

I had decided last week to switch things up in a couple of subjects after an extremely useful class meeting.  My students were crying out for a “different type” of geography from what we had been doing.  Therefore, I decided that a more meaningful approach to teaching human migration would be to combine the unit with that of the data management strand for math.

This morning, I had a lesson and worksheet (I really don’t like them but sometime they are ok) ready to go but started to predict how my students would respond.  I really dreaded the lesson that I had planned so I decided to quickly jump of the internet to see what I could find.  Within a few minutes, I had found this website:


On the wiki, you will find tons of resources, lessons and ideas for Grade 7 math.  It is from Alabama but some of the resources relate to that of Ontario’s curriculum.  The lesson that I am using is on measures of central tendencies – it is actually a link to Webquest.This lesson is split into three sections and has the students buying animals for a zoo using a limited amount of money ($1,000,000 – well, not that limited I guess!)  I had the students insert this information into a spreadsheet and write the formulas needed to do the calculations.  As we move forward, they will be doing internet research into the animals that they choose and continue to use spreadsheets to make decisions.

My students have loved this assignment so far.  All 7 (1 student was away) students were totally motivated and interested in learning.  I’m not sure if there is a connection with this to Zoo Tycoon or Farmville but my students worked together extremely well on this task and were focussed for the entire period.

Once these lessons are complete, we will be writing our own survey on human migration and posting into the twitter universe to be answered by my Canadian followers.  We hope to get enough data to compile the information and make some conclusions about human migration as it relates to Canada.




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