My update to The Bullying Circle

I have seen Barbara Coloroso speak numerous times.  Each time, she has handed out her adaption of “The Bullying Circle” by psychologist Dr. Dan Olweus.  It is a great visual way to represent the various roles that people play when it comes to bullying.

Many of the roles are somewhat different when it comes to Cyber Bullying.  In the new year, I will be presenting to my school about Facebook, digital citizenship, and cyber bullying.  I decided that it would be appropriate to re-adapt the adaption (LOL) of what Coloroso and Olweus created.  I titled the creation, “The Internet Bullying Circle.”  (If you are Barbara Coloroso or Dr. Olweus and feel like I am stealing your work, please let me know.  I do credit you!)

My goal was to show how the roles are different when it comes to bullying in the digital world.  Many times, the “de-humanization” is easier and amplified as the attackers do not see the emotional response elicited from the target upon reading attacks via direct messages, tweets, IM, texts or wall posts.

In addition, having ideas go viral is always a concern with cyber bullying.  Instead of a small group of people crowding around to participate in or watch the taunting, cyber bullies are given the satisfaction of knowing that their comments are permanent and are often sent out to many people’s news feeds immediately after the post.

Another important participant in cyber bullying is the “In-The-Dark Adult.”  Unlike “regular bullying,” many adults are totally oblivious that it is happening at all.  If they do find out, they don’t really know how to see what is happening and don’t know what to do to stop it.  An adult’s ignorance towards social media (and cyber bullying) includes them as a responsible party when bullying occurs.

I will be showing the students at my school this graphic during my presentation and will be having a discussion comparing the similarities and differences of bullying vs. cyber bullying.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think.  I would appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions that you have as it is a work in progress.


internet bullying


One thought on “My update to The Bullying Circle

  1. I read your poster and I think it’s great…gave me some food for thought. Check your parent box…I think it’s to say “don’t know how to use Facebook.” The net puts a new spin on this model.

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