5 Ways to Use Qwiki Alpha in the Classroom

A colleague of mine was nice enough to invite me to this website in its Alpha version.  Upon playing with my students, I become really excited about the opportunities that this sites offers to students due to the multi-modality presentation of search results.

When presenting to a group of teachers from our board’s behaviour programs, someone asked how this website might be used in the classroom.  My short answer was that it would be a great way to have the students start a search on a topic as it give your related searches at the end of the presentation in addition to links to other websites.

After the presentation, I thought that it would be a good idea to come up with additional ideas on how Qwiki could be used in the classroom.  Here was the result – I’ll add more as I think of them.

5 Ways to Use Qwiki Alpha in the Class

  1. The “Hook” – I’m often searching for short and sweet multimedia ideas to be the hook in the lesson.  I will occasionally be unable to find something that works.  Qwiki seems to be a good tool to feel in these gaps.
  2. Introductions – Using iMovie or Jaycut, have the students create their own Qwiki that would introduce who they are in under a minute.  At the end, include links and related searches.
  3. Qwiki Debates – After a short lesson or unit on the art of debating, have the students do Qwiki debates.  Show a Qwiki on a debatable topic (eg. school uniforms) and have the students develop a few arguments for each side of the issue.  Do a “Qwiki” debate in 5 minutes or less and move on to the next.
  4. Qwiki News – Include the viewing of a Qwiki presentation into your daily news routine.  Search for the topics that need a more in-depth understanding.
  5. Today in History – Use Qwiki to better present a “Today in History” activity.

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